ZG3750LC-9 Hydraulic Excavator

ZG3750LC-9 Hydraulic Excavator

Technical Parameters
Dimensions (mm)
A Overall length 12930 I Tread 4750
B Ground contact length (transportation) 8290 J Track length 5960
C Overall height (to top of the boom) 4730 K Track gauge 3440/281
D Overall width 4310/3680 L Track width 4090/346
E Overall height (to top of the cab) 3705 M Shoe width 650
F Counterweight ground clearance 1550 O Bonnet height 3370
G Ground clearance 895 P Revolving frame width 3505
H Tail swing radius 4145 Q Distance from swivel center to tail 4055
ZG3750LC-9 Hydraulic Excavator
Scope of work (mm)
A Max. digging height 11520
B Max. dumping height 7710
C Max. digging depth 7350
D Max. vertical digging depth 5695
E Max. depth cut for 2440m (8') level bottom 7190
F Max. digging distance 12200
G Max. digging radius at ground level 11920
H Min. swing radius of work equipment 5420
ZG3750LC-9 Hydraulic Excavator
Engine Travel System
Model ISUZU 6WG1 Travel motors KYB
Type High pressure common rail, water cooling, 6 cylinders in line, turbo charging Support roller quantities 8×2
Carrier roller quantities 3×2
No. of cylinder 6 Travel shoes 49×2
Bore and stroke 147mm×154mm Travel speed 3.2/4.9km/h
Displacement 15.681L Drawbar pulling force 475kN
Power output 377kW/1800rpm Gradeability 70% (35°)
Ground clearance 895mm
Hydraulic System Swing System
Pump KPM Swing motor KPM
Type Double piston pump plus gear pump plus cooling pump Swing motor type M5X180
Max. discharge flow 280×2+15+45L/min Swing speed 7r/min
Digging Force (ISO6015) Refilling Capacities&lubrications
Arm length 2900mm Fuel tank 900L
Bucket digging force 420kN Cooling system 76L
Arm digging force 365kN Engine oil 52L
Hydraulic oil tank 570L
Bucket Operating Weight and Ground Pressure
Type Backhoe bucket Shoe width 650mm
Bucket capacity 4.5m3 Ground pressure 105kPa
Bucket width 2170mm Operating weight 72500kg
Highly adaptable engine
ZG3750LC-9 Hydraulic Excavator

Isuzu 6WG1 high power engine,
Highly adaptable turbo engine, twist
Big torque, strong power and good responsiveness.
Meet the needs of high-intensity operations in mines.

Fuel Efficient
Optimize the fuel injection method, greatly optimize the curve, increase the economic fuel consumption area, lower fuel consumption, and save 12% compared to competing products

Power and hydraulic intelligence match
ZG3750LC-9 Hydraulic Excavator

Kawasaki complete set of super hydraulic combination, high matching degree, small pressure loss, more energy-saving, more efficient.Engine-hydraulic system intelligent matching, flow supply on demand.

K7V280 main pump, greater output torque, electrically controlled positive flow hydraulic system, reduce the pressure loss of the hydraulic system.The perfect combination of load and flow rate greatly improves the response speed.

Kawasaki main valve, the strongest flow capacity in the industry, positive flow electronic control system, better operation coordination.

Optimize the worker device hinge point
ZG3750LC-9 Hydraulic Excavator

Self-lubricated copper based alloy sleeve for key joints for wear resistance and wear reduction.Optimize the hinge point of the working device to ensure the bucket excavation track, reduce the excavation resistance, Digging force is 10% higher than competing products.

Large excavation force
ZG3750LC-9 Hydraulic Excavator

Arm digging force: 365kN
Bucket digging force: 420kN

Working condition identification and control technology
ZG3750LC-9 Hydraulic Excavator

The power dynamic matching technology is adopted to dynamically match the optimal power absorption point according to different working conditions, gears and the optimal fuel consumption range of the engine, so as to achieve precise matching of engine power and hydraulic pump power.

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