GE150H Excavator

GE150H Crawler Excavator

1. Newly-designed negative flow control hydraulic system provides the actuator of the crawler excavator with high response.
2. Electronic throttle control enables you to select different control modes according to different loads during operation for high efficiency and energy reduction.
3. The hydraulic  excavator is outfitted with a high-quality Kawasaki pump and a priority valve to achieve extremely high efficiency.
4. An intelligent electronic monitoring system is used for the real-time supervision of the system conditions, enabling the excavator to be maintained easily.
5. Our fuel system is constructed using a high-capacity oil water separator and a tertiary filtration system.
6. The driver’s cab offers the advantages of a beautiful exterior, large space, a wide viewing angle and superb ventilation conditions. Its silicone-oil damper is ergonomically designed.
7. Using a satellite-based GPS system and a remote-controlled fault diagnosis system ensures timely maintenance.
8. Adopting an air-conditioning system offers a comfortable operating environment.

Specifications of GE150H Hydraulic Excavator
Model GE150H
Length×Width×Height(mm) 7762×2510×2983
Operating weight (Kg) 13890
Rated bucket capacity(m3) 0.6
Max.digging depth(mm) 5491
Max.digging radius(mm) 8335
Max.digging height(mm) 8679
Max.dumping height(mm) 6174
Bucket digging force(KN) 100
Stick digging force(KN) 68
Gradient capacity(%) 70
Diesel engine Cummins QSF3.8-C115
Rated output(KW) 86
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