GE65H Excavator

GE65H Crawler Excavator

1. The GE65H crawler  excavator comes with a newly designed hydraulic system, allowing the actuator of the complete machine to offer quick response.
2. Compact structure of hydraulic components allows for reduced tubes and low failure rate, thus providing extremely high reliability and efficiency.
3. The crawler digger is equipped with a priority valve for highly increased efficiency.
4. Using a real-time intelligent electronic monitoring system enables the excavator to be timely maintained.
5. Fully-opened rear hood provides large space for convenient maintenance.
6. Centralized lubrication system for easy maintenance
7. Adjustable seat for much comfort
8. Adopting an air-conditioning system offers a more comfortable operating environment.

Specifications of GE65H Excavator
Model GE65H
Length×Width×Height(mm) 5847×1940×2618
Operating weight (Kg) 6100
Rated bucket capacity(m3) 0.22
Max.digging depth(mm) 3844
Max.digging radius(mm) 6154
Max.digging height(mm) 5563
Max.dumping height(mm) 3796
Bucket digging force(KN) 43.5
Stick digging force(KN) 28.6
Gradient capacity(%) 58
Diesel engine YANMAR 4TNV94L
Rated output(KW) 36.2
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