GYS Series

    1. GYS08J Rated output (KW): 42
      Centrifugal force (KN): 85
      Operating weight (KG): 8000
    1. GYS10J Rated output(KW): 82
      Centrifugal force (KN): 225/105
      Operating weight (KG): 10000
    1. GYS122 Rated output (KW): 110
      Centrifugal force (KN): 274/171
      Operating weight (KG): 12100
    1. GYS142 Rated output (KW): 110
      Centrifugal force (KN): 292/182
      Operating weight (KG): 14200
    1. GYS14 Rated output (KW): 92
      Centrifugal force (KN): 285/142
      Operating weight (KG): 14000
    1. GYS22 Rated output (KW): 140
      Centrifugal force (KN): 390/270
      Operating weight (KG): 22000
    1. GYS26 Rated output (KW): 140
      Centrifugal force (KN): 405/280
      Operating weight (KG): 26000

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