GYL Series

    1. GYL203 Rated output(KW): 147
      Rolling width (mm): 2910
      Operating weight (KG): 20000
    1. GYL233 Rated output (KW): 147
      Rolling width (mm): 2910
      Operating weight (KG): 23000
    1. GYL263 Rated output(KW): 192
      Rolling width (mm): 3425
      Operating weight (KG): 26000
    1. GYL283 Rated output (KW): 192
      Rolling width (mm): 3425
      Operating weight (KG): 28000

1. SHANGCHAI water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine with the cold starting system.
2. Torque converter and power gearshift transmission are applied on four wheels.
3. The high wear life teeth are arranged specially, two scraper bars and two wire cutters on four compaction wheels will avoid the wire wrap-around and keep the wheel clean.
4. Hydraulic system is driven by a piston pump with load sensing system, provides smooth and light control, high efficiency and energy economy.
5. The crucial spots are maintained regularly by the central lubrication system. The disinfector spray device is equipped to guard against mosquito.
6. The Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) as an integral part of the frame, service brakes on the front and rear axles and central parking brake will guarantee most reliable safety.
7. Turnover driver's cabin, engine hood with three windows at dual sides, access step and protective ladder in both sides make main components accessible.
8. Infrared vehicle video monitor system and backup buzzer are greatly convenient for driver's travel and working with more safe in increased rear view.