GYD Series

    1. GYD031 Rated output (KW): 21
      Centrifugal force (KN): 30
      Operating weight (KG): 3100
    1. GYD06 Rated output (KW): 36.8
      Centrifugal force (KN): 60
      Operating weight (KG): 6000
    1. GYD102J Rated output (KW): 81
      Centrifugal force (KN): 110/65
      Operating weight (KG): 10000
    1. GYD122J Rated output (KW): 93
      Centrifugal force (KN): 120/85
      Operating weight (KG): 12000

SINOMACH is leading heavy engineering equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Here are different types of static road rollers for sale, each one is different from the operating weight and rolling width. SINOMACH can offer wide range of heavy equipment for road construction and civil engineering, now with decades of experience in manufacturing construction equipment and make sure to serve customers with reliable heavy equipment and service.