Wheel Loader 957S

957S Wheel Loader

Our 957S wheel loader is equipped with high quality SHANGCHAI SC11CB220G2B1 engine or Cummins engine. It uses 4 forward and 3 reverse power shift transmission. The front end loader is also provided with dual-pump confluence hydraulic system and load-sensing fully hydraulic steering system. What's more, it adopts KD switch with simple and efficient operation, as well as sealed cylinder with high sealing capacity and reliability.

Specification of Wheel Loader
Model 957S
Length×Width×Height(mm) 8120×2800×3450
Rated load (Kg) 5000
Rated bucket capacity(m3) 3.0
Operating weight(Kg) 17200
Diesel engine Cummins 6LTAA 9.3/ShangChai SC11CB220G2B1
Rated output(KW) 158/162
Transmission case ZF
Gear positions 4 forward gear, 3 reverse gear
Max. drawing force(KN) 170
Max. dump clearance(mm) 3136
Dump reach (mm) 1121
Wheel base(mm) 3300
Total cycle time (s) 11
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