Wheel Loader 955T

955T Wheel Loader

1. The 955T wheel loader is installed with Weichai engine.
2. Two forward and one reverse power shift transmissions are installed.
3. Combined sealing cylinder brings good sealing performance and reliability.

Technical Specification of Wheel Loader
Model 955T
Length×Width×Height(mm) 8020×2800×3450
Rated load (Kg) 5000
Rated bucket capacity(m3) 3.0
Operating weight(Kg) 16500
Diesel engine WEICHAI WD10G220E23
Rated output(KW) 162
Transmission case HANGCHI ZL50D
Gear positions 2 forward gear, 1 reverse gear
Max. drawing force(KN) 170
Max. dump clearance(mm) 3136
Dump reach (mm) 1171
Wheel base(mm) 3100
Total cycle time (s) 11.8
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